CSB® bearings for Food production and packaging

In food canning machinery, not only must all bearings be wear resistant, bearings must also allow cleaning, and be able to withstand long-term exposure to cleaning fluid and disinfectant, while ensuring long service life and wear resistance.

Holding System

EPB13 plastic plain bearings: used in the bottle holding system, and ensures that holding mechanisms will properly hold and release bottles 100% of the time;offers long-term wear resistance and can withstand scrubbing with hydrogen peroxide disinfectant.

Lifting System

LIN plastic linear bearings: used in the lifting system to ensure long-term wear resistant, noiseless operation; absence of balls ensures stable operation and excellent shaft protection; resist corrosion from disinfectant hydrogen peroxide;

Milk Filling Machine

LIN plastic linear bearings: used in the milk bottle holding and conveyor mechanisms of milk bottling production lines; permit washing with hydrogen peroxide disinfectant;

Multihead Weigher

EPBH plastic plain bearings: used in multihead weigher tipping axles; achieves permanent maintenance-free operation;

Blow Molding Machine

EPB5Z plastic sleeves: used in the high-temperature chain linkage mechanism of bottle blowing machines; achieves high-temperature, wear resistant, maintenance-free operation;

Capping Machine

LIN plastic linear bearings: used in beverage bottle capping machines; maintenance-free operation and withstands washing with hydrogen peroxide solution;


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