CSB® bearings for Medical technology

Plastic plain bearings used in pharmaceutical machinery must be highly abrasion and corrosion resistant. EPB plastic plain bearings are the one and only choice for wear resistance and high performance.

Bottle Washing Machine

EPB4plastic plain bearings:Low water absorption and high corrosion resistance; used in the clamping mechanism of bottle washing machines;

EPB13plastic plain bearings:offer high wear resistance and smooth operation; used in bottle washing machines' rotary mechanisms;

Sealing Tail Machine

EPB4plastic plain bearings:maintain excellent abrasion resistance at a temperature of 200°C; used in the holding and conveyor mechanisms of sealing tail machine;

Lamp Inspector

EPB plastic plain bearings: used in the holding mechanism of lamp inspector; offer clean, maintenance-free operation;

Filling Machine

LIN plastic linear bearings: used in the bottling head lift mechanism of medicine filling machine offers lasting maintenance-free operation;

Capping Machine

LIN plastic linear bearings: used in capping machine's cap pressing mechanism; achieves maintenance-free operation;


LIN plastic linear bearings: used in the tablet and carton manipulation mechanisms of fully automated Cartoner; achieve full maintenance-free operation;


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