CSB® bearings for textile industry

Textile industry equipment produces large amounts of lint and dust. CSB plastic plain bearings ensure long-term normal operation when the environment contains high levels of lint and dust, and even steam.

False Twist Machine

EPB2plastic plain bearings:offer high wear resistance and low water absorption;used in the cradles of false twist machines;

EPBH plastic plain bearings:offer wear resistance and low cost;used in the spool holders of false twist machines;


EPB3plastic plain bearings:high wear resistance and dust resistance ensure outstanding performance in winder;


LIN plastic linear bearings:when used in the auto-doffer of spinning machines, resist loose lint and ensures long-term smooth, jam-free operation of the doffing mechanism;

Printing And Dyeing Machine

PRB30 plastic roller bearings:high corrosion resistance;can be used to replace stainless steel roller bearings and used at drum shaft ends;

PRB40ceramicroller bearings:can resist all known chemical dyes; can be used to either end of dyeing cylinder shafts;

Double Twister

EPB plastic plain bearings:ensures maintenance-free high-frequency reciprocating motion when used in the guide shafts of double twister;

Air-jet Loom

EPB plastic plain bearings:highly abrasion resistant; used in the limit rod shaft in air-jet loom;achieves long service life and ensures cloth remains in a state of tension;

Spinning Machines

EPB13 plastic sleeves: used in flow spinning machines with EPB6plastic sleeves;


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