C31 Openable micro cable chains [NEW2023]

Date:2023-05-04 14:15:33      Hits:1640

CSB® has launched the C31 Openable micro cable chains . C31 micro cable chains are openable along the outer radius or inner radius, strong and multi-opening method design, Suitable for highly dynamic applications and cables filled quickly. C31 micro cable chains are optimal for the smallest installation spaces, and are available in many versions.

● Rolling and sliding hybrid blocks    

● Smooth moving and driving force reduced 45%     

● Sliding liners material: EPB13     

● Resistant dust and quiet operation    

● For WR single and dual guide rails    

● Various installation options are available

Electrically conductive ESD/ATEX version C31E upon request



CSB® will continue to explore and improve product performance, meet the new requirements of various industries for self-lubricating bearings, and provide you with more reliable and faster services...


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