Low-profile linear guide rails & new round linear guide rails [NEW2023]

Date:2023-07-20 13:42:15      Hits:3442

CSB® has launched the four new linear guide rails .

TR01 Low-profile linear guide rails


● Small installation width from 09 to 12 mm

● The dimensions are the same as the ball bearing guides

● Made of hard anodized surface of aluminum alloy

● Maintenance-free with TRC roller carragies

● Lightweight design

TRC01 Guide rail carriages


● Fitted standard liners EPB13

● Maintenance-free, dry-running

● Fast assembly and light weight

● For TR linear guide rails

● Resistant dust

● Quiet operation

WR02H High double round guide rails


● High dual guide rails made of aluminum, Hard anodized surface

● Resistance to dirt with LIN liners 

● Weight saving and no noise

● Simple installation, maintenance-free

● Standard fitting width

WRU01-P Round rail sliding blocks


● High strength plastic housings 

● Maintenance-free, dry-running

● Fast assembly and light weight

● For WR single and dual guide rails

● Resistant dust and corrosion-free

● Quiet operation and low cost

CSB® will continue to explore and improve product performance, meet the new requirements of various industries for self-lubricating bearings, and provide you with more reliable and faster services...


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