CSB's production capacity of Filament-Wound Bearings increased by 6 times

Date:2015-07-26 15:04:48      Hits:3663

The CSB specialized R&D team has completed the transformation of the filament winding bearing production line. All the equipment of the production line has been renovated and combined perfectly with CSB's unique specialized technology by studying and improving every detail of quality and efficiency for the machines. Now the production capacity is 6 times more than previous time according to the latest production line capacity, shortening the lead time of filament-wound bearings. It is worth to mention that all transmission bearings of the equipments are made of CSB's own engineering plastic bearings which work in the harsh environment. That leads to less troubles of maintenance or repair for machines during production, whether the Plastic Linear Bearings move in dust or EPB8 Engineering Plastic Bearings work under water. 


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