Service Entry of CSB-PCC® Plastic Cable Drag Chain Durability Test Machine

Date:2018-06-08 15:06:46      Hits:3504

The Plastic Cable Drag Chain Durability Test Machine for CSB-PCC® has put into use in the inspection center. This machine can provide the test for the Plastic Cable Drag Chain as follow: Micro Cable Drag Chain C01, Open-Designed Micro Cable Drag Chain C11, Universal Cable Drag Chain C02, Fully-enclosed Cable Drag Universal Chain C12, High Load Cable Drag Chain C03, Fully-enclosed High Load Cable Drag Chain C13; And for the Specialized Flexible Cables: Motor and Control Cable MCVC, Signal and Encoder Cable DVC, Cable for Power Connectors, Cable for Signal and Encoder Connectors. The setting of Endurance Test is 10 million times.


CSB® does real application test every day in daily production. One is the Universal Cable Drag Chain C02.35 which is assembled vertically on the CNC Machine, the other is C02.25 Cable Drag Chain assembled horizontally on the Filament Winding Machine. The two applications of CSB® Plastic Cable Drag Chain run at least 1000 times per day normally in CSB® factory.


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