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CSB self-lubricating bearings reduce TCO

Currently, all mechanical design engineers are constantly looking for bearing lubrication solutions that can improve overall performance while reducing costs. The work core of CSB self-lubricating bearing material R&D engineers is the same. They...

EPB5Z Engineering Plastic Bearings Applied in Automobile Throttle

The vehicle determines the load of the engine and controls the pulse width of the fuel injection and the ignition timing according to the size of the throttle during idling and driving. Control flap controls the size of the intake air through the sensor to...

LIN Plastic Linear Bearings are used in Lifting Mechanism of Textile Machinery

The doffing device of the spinning machine of the textile machinery adopts the scissor drive solution. The position of where the support guide slides was originally taking the metal ball linear bearings. However, the spinning machine is often stuck in the yarn wool environment, causing damage the guide rod easily and even the malfunction of entire equipment. Textile machinery design engineers chose LIN plastic linear bearings after trying various sliding bearings and finally solve the problems that have plagued them for many years. LIN bearings are made of EPB13 engineering plastic. It not only can be permanently lubricated, but also can run without any risk of stagnation. The working surface of the LIN bearings adopts the inclined groove design, which can not only remove foreign objects from the friction surface in time, but also allow the shafts rotating slightly while being axially moved.

Engineering plastic bearings used in automobile accelerator and brake pedal mechanism

Automobile accelerator and brake pedal are the most frequently used mechanisms by drivers. Therefore, the flexibility and durability of the accelerator and brake are particularly important. Before the 1970s, automobile manufacturers used ...

Engineering Plastic Bearings applied in Automobile Steering Gear Actuators

The PRM5 support sleeve is an engineering plastic bearing specially developed for the automotive steering gear industry. The PRM5 support sleeve is a perfect design that combines the elastomer made of CSB's unique elastic material ME560 and the sliding plate made of highly wear-resistant EPB7 engineering plastic material. EPB7 sliding plate designed with oil hole can apply grease when first assembly as to improve the wear resistant performance. The PRM5 support sleeve completely solved the problem that the durability and wear resistance of elastic resistance of the steering gear bearing cannot be balanced. CSB’s upcoming new product, the anti-wear plate of the steering gear rack adjustment body which made of EPB22 engineering plastic material, is being tested for durability.

EPB14A engineering plastic bearings used in high-speed spindle bearings of soybean milk machine

The rotation speed of the spindle of the soybean milk machine reaches 15000 rpm during operation. Such high-speed rotary motion has very high requirements on the spindle bearings. However, only powder metallurgy oiled bearings of traditional...

EPB4 engineering plastic bearings applied in pharmaceutical machinery bottle washing machine

Engineering plastic bearings are applied in bottle washing machines of pharmaceutical machinery and play a very critical role which is an important part of the washing, filling and sealing interlocking machine group. The quality of the bottle washer...

Technology of Plastic Sliding Bearing and its Application in the Automotive Industry

Bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings from the working principle. The rolling friction pair is formed when the rolling bearing works and the sliding friction pair is formed when the sliding bearing works. This determines that the friction coefficients of rolling bearings and sliding bearings differ by at least 10 orders of magnitude. Under a certain load and speed without lubrication, the size of the friction coefficient of the rolling bearing basically depends on the manufacturing accuracy of the balls, the inner and outer rings of the bearing, and the mutual clearance between them. The friction of rolling bearings is not directly related to the bearing material itself. Rolling bearings generally require regular lubricants. Under the same load and speed without lubrication, the friction coefficient of the sliding bearing mainly depends on the self-lubricating performance of the bearing material itself. The sliding bearing material itself has good self-lubricating properties and can work for a long time without or with little oil. The sliding bearing takes advantages of the self-lubricating technology, achieves self-lubricating and maintenance-free feature for bearings. So that more and more engineering designers adopt the sliding bearings.

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