CSB® New Products of Housing-Bore-Adjustable Flange Joint Bearing: GLBF-20

CSB® launched Housing-Bore-Adjustable Flange Joint Bearing: GLBF-20 in early 2020, which is for shaft diameter 20mm. The most creative feature is the outside part of this bearing is with housing-bore-adjustable design to balance the processing tolerance of housing bore. The diameter of housing bore is allowed to be 34.8-35.6mm, therefore reduce the product cost by lower machining precision.

High Wear-resistant Filament-wound Bearing: CRW for Water Application was Developed Successfully

Filament-wound bearings are favored by users for the best performance of dry friction. The main reason is that filament-wound bearings have the bearing capacity of metal sliding bearings and meanwhile are more suitable for complete dry friction which ...

Research on Abradability of Plastic Sliding Bearing

The wear resistance of the plastic sliding bearing mainly depends on the wear resistance of the plastic sliding bearing material itself. However, the abradability of the plastic sliding bearing is also closely related to the following factors: the material, hardness and roughness of the grinding shaft, the speed and load of the bearing, the ambient temperature and humidity of the work environment, etc…. As a manufacturer of plastic sliding bearings, CSB is constantly optimizing the wear resistance of plastic bearing materials and providing users with the correct selection guidance. As a user, it is important to follow the instructions for the selection and assembly of plastic sliding bearings showing in the product manual provided by the plastic sliding bearing manufacturers.

Working Principle and Technical Status of Self-lubricating Sliding Bearings

Bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling friction occurs when the rolling bearing works, and sliding friction between the surfaces occurs when the sliding bearing works. These are two different ways of movement. Currently, the materials and manufacturing technologies of rolling bearings both domestic and abroad are already very mature. However, the materials and manufacturing technologies of sliding bearings are gradually being reformed and developed with the continuous improvement of design and service requirements.

Oil-free Sliding Bearings Born in CSB

Recently, CSB has successfully developed the Oil-free sliding bearing CRB after 7 years of R&D work and tests. This bearing is processed by filament wound. Its load-bearing capacity, wear resistance performance and corrosion resistance are...

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