CSB self-lubricating bearings reduce TCO

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Currently, all mechanical design engineers are constantly looking for bearing lubrication solutions that can improve overall performance while reducing costs. The work core of CSB self-lubricating bearing material R&D engineers is the same. They are constantly improving the lubricating performance and wear-resistance performance of self-lubricating bearings to reach a longer service life. Lubrication and wear resistance - bearing capacity are both complementary and contradictory for self-lubricating bearings. The synergistic effect is that wear-resistant materials need good lubrication performance. The contradiction is that the improvement of lubrication performance will affect the load-bearing performance to some extent. How to find the best combination of lubrication and wear-resistant load-bearing for self-lubricating bearing materials is one of the most important tasks of CSB bearing materials engineers.

Experienced mechanical design engineers know that one of the most common mistakes in bearing design is when lubricants cannot be reasonably supplied. In The design of a properly sealed and oil-filled bearing will face the situations of maintenance free or unable post-maintenance in theory. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most application environments. Nowadays, it happens a lot that the oil hole of bearings is not maintained properly. It reduces oil lubrication performance as well as mixed lubrication performance, limits the service life of bearings as a result. Bearings only take two grease lubrications as required regular maintenance in their life cycle. The first time is carried out by the equipment manufacturer during production, the other time is returned to the factory for warranty due to the bearing failure because of lack of lubricating grease. While adopting CSB real oil-free lubrication bearings can you omit the following items:

1. Oil injection nozzle;

2. Automatic oil injection system;

3. Lubricating grease cost;

4. Labor cost required for regular inspection and maintenance;

5. Potential failure repair cost;

6. Potential downtime loss cost because of machine failure.


If the oil-filled bearings are not maintained properly by using lubricating oil, the overall operating cost to run such bearings is much higher than CSB self-lubricating bearings, in additional to the potential failure. Most manufacturers have realized that the cost of purchasing, assembling, oiling and maintaining the oil hole when using oiled bearings is at least twice up to four times of self-lubricating bearings. Obviously, external lubrication solutions will cause uncontrollable variables of design work for mechanical design engineer. Once the equipment is delivered to the customer, the customer must maintain the bearing assembly properly and deal with various potential failures; there might be quality issues or warranty claims coming along at the same time. If you are worried about post maintenance issues, the best solution is to use CSB self-lubricating bearings. Self-lubrication is an ideal solution because it can lubricate the contact surface thoroughly. It will not absorb dust and dirt in working conditions and cause environmental problems like oiled or greased lubricating solutions. It does not require special working places or long-term maintenance.

CSB self-lubricating bearings can be divided into metallic self-lubricating bearings and non-metallic self-lubricating bearings according to materials. Metallic self-lubricating bearings can usually be divided into metal-plastic composite bearings, metal-based self-lubricating bearings, etc., while non-metallic self-lubricating bearings can usually be divided into engineering plastic bearings, filament-wound bearings, plastic linear bearings, etc…. If comparing the total operating cost: traditional bearings TCO > metal self-lubricating bearings TCO > non-metallic self-lubricating bearings TCO. In a word, CSB engineering plastic bearings, filament-wound bearings and plastic linear bearings can reduce the TCO of the entire bearing systems for equipment manufacturers.

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