Vertical separators for C02 cable chains

Product properties

● The separator separates inside space of the chain to protect cables, oil hoses, gas hoses, etc.

● Separator with high strength, can be fi rmly fi tted in chain

● Quickly and easily installation

Vertical separators for C02 cable chains , Metric
Horizontal separators
Horizontal separators

● Horizontal separators are available for many diameter cable applications
● hree different height for C03.42 and C03.56
● Supplied as a individual component


CSB-PCC® Plastic Cable Chains Finder[V1.0] is based on the analysis and calculation of a large number of test data in CSB® laboratory. You can calculations filler and installation data by entering parameters such as cables, gas tubes, oil tubes and installation data, The system will analyze your design data and finally output the adaptation cable chains.
Because the system calculate and analyze based on lab data, it can't exactly meet the ractual use requirements absolutly. The system data verification has certain limitations; CSB® recommends that the cable chains must be tested again to verify whether it meets the actual use requirements.
CSB-PCC® Plastic Cable Chains Finder output data information is only for design reference, and can not be used as the final standard for determining the cable chains conformity, If you have any questions, please contact CSB® sales engineers.

CSB-PCC® Cable chain accessories2021

Type PDF
Size 410KB
Time 09-2021
No. CSB/CAT.060E



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