CPB Clearance-free and preloaded bearings

Product properties

● Clearance-free and preload design
● Adjustable fitting gap
● Standard material EPB13
● Maintenance-free
● Shock absorbing and no noise

CPB Clearance-free and preloaded bearings, Metric

Structure design

CSB-CPB® clearance-free and reloaded plastic bearings can be preloaded in radius and axial directions after fitted in housing, Auto-adjustable the fitting gap with the preload design;The special design bearings can absorbed shock and noise.

Material design

CSB-CPB® clearance-free and reloaded plastic bearings is made from the professional wear resistance material CSB-EPB13 which provides good wear resistance and excellent elastic feature. CSB-EPB18 material is available for the preload plastic bearings.

Assembly design

CSB-CPB® clearance-free and reloaded plastic bearings easy to be pressed into the housing by low pressure.The recommended housing tolerance is H7 and axial tolerance is h9.


CSB-EPB® Plastic Bearings Finder[V2.0] is based on the analysis and calculation of a large number of test data in CSB® laboratory. You can calculations material data by entering parameters such as bearing load, speed, and temperature, and finally output material adaptation data.
Because the system calculate and analyze based on lab data, it can't exactly meet the ractual use requirements absolutly. The system data verification has certain limitations; CSB® recommends that the bearing must be tested again to verify whether it meets the actual use requirements.
CSB-EPB® Plastic Bearings Finder output data information is only for design reference, and can not be used as the final standard for determining the bearing material conformity, If you have any questions, please contact CSB® sales engineers.

CSB-CPB® Clearance-free and preloaded bearings

Type PDF
Size 163KB
Time 03-2020
No. CSB/CAT.052


MediumCPB bearings resistance
Greases. oilsResistant
Diluted acidsConditionally resistant
Strong acidsNot resistant
Diluted alkalisResistant
Strong alkalisConditionally resistant
CSB® Bearing Material Chemical Resistance

Please select bearing material and medium...

CSB® bearing material chemical resistance data is a comparison test result of the CSB chemistry laboratory using laboratory specimens or similar chemicals at room temperature 23 ℃, without considering the impact of other temperatures and chemical medium mixtures on the chemical resistance of CSB® bearing materials ; Therefore, this data can only act as a reference. CSB® recommends that the chemical resistance of actual parts should be tested under application conditions and verify the suitability of the bearings.

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