FLB Plastic flange bearings

Product properties

● Suitable for the application where the CSB® plastic clip bearing is hard to be located. The requirement of the fitting hole is not critical and the set screw could be secured without any risk of moving.
● Maintenance free, self-lubricated;
● Bolt fixture ensures safe and reliability;
● Suitable for rotation, oscillation and sliding motions;
● Low tolerance requirement for the mounting holes.

FLB Plastic flange bearings, Metric

Structure design

CSB-FLB® flange bearing is designed without housing fixture, no tolerance requirement for housing. With the bolt fixture structure, the bearings are reliably operated when housing is not possible to be designed. 

Material design

CSB-FLB® is made from CSB-EPB3 material which is a solid material with good self-lubricating performance and anti-wear feature suitable for dry operation conditions. At the same time, CSB also provides flange bearings with different materials such as low friction CSB-EPB13, high temperature material CSB-EPB5 and FDA approved CSB-M70 etc.

Assembly design

The bolt fixture designation of the flanged bearing ensures a long term reliable operation of the bearings. Although there is no matching housing tolerance requirement, a better operation condition could be achieved if a recommended housing tolerance of H7 is available. 


CSB-FLB® Plastic flange bearings

Type PDF
Size 176KB
Time 03-2020
No. CSB/CAT.052


MediumFLB3 bearings resistance
Greases. oilsResistant
Diluted acidsConditionally resistant
Strong acidsNot resistant
Diluted alkalisResistant
Strong alkalisConditionally resistant
CSB® Bearing Material Chemical Resistance

Please select bearing material and medium...

CSB® bearing material chemical resistance data is a comparison test result of the CSB chemistry laboratory using laboratory specimens or similar chemicals at room temperature 23 ℃, without considering the impact of other temperatures and chemical medium mixtures on the chemical resistance of CSB® bearing materials ; Therefore, this data can only act as a reference. CSB® recommends that the chemical resistance of actual parts should be tested under application conditions and verify the suitability of the bearings.

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